Bosch Serie 6 KAD92AI20G American-style Fridge Freezer Stainless Steel

Bosch Serie 6 KAD92AI20G American-style Fridge Freezer Stainless Steel

Bosch Serie 6 KAG90AI20G American-style Fridge Freezer Stainless Steel

Bosch Serie 6 KAG90AI20G American-style Fridge Freezer Stainless Steel

Bosch Serie 4 KAN92VI35 American-style Fridge Freezer Stainless Steel

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The Serie 4 KAN92VI35 NoFrost American-style side-by-side Fridge Freezer in modern Stainless Steel features an EasyClean door and chrome inox metallic side panels. Indoor electronics power the modern display built into the door, which is convenient to operate and read from outside.

With NoFrost design, the humidity in the air is collected on the central fin evaporator rather than building up in the applicance or on the foods. This chiller, which draws the warmth out of the freezer area, automatically defrosts from time to time. The resultant condensation is taken to the outside and evaporated using the compressor warmth in a special collecting pan. This lowers humidity in the appliance, which means that almost no ice forms. So you don't need to worry about defrosting any more.

The fan-assisted MultiAirflow System causes gentle, even currents of cold air to emerge at all levels of the chilling and freezing area. Temperature fluctuations are minimised and cooling times reduced – which helps your foods retain their flavour for longer

LED lights bring a completely new lighting concept to fridges, guaranteeing even, glare-free interior illumination. LED lights use less electricity than conventional fridge lights and last an (appliance) lifetime

SuperFreezing protects frozen food from defrosting when adding new food to the freezer, and the new food freezes faster. Appliances with an automatic freezing function return to normal operation once the required temperature is reached. This prevents energy waste

If the SuperCooling function is activated, food that's just been purchased is cooled more quickly. At the same time, it stops food already in the fridge from warming up. The temperature is lowered by pushing a button to 2°C at the lowest. To prevent unnecessary power consumption, the function automatically switches back after about 6 hours

Innovative VitaFresh cooling technology keeps food fresh for up to three times longer. Within the VitaFresh section, there are two air humidity zones: The dry VitaFresh Zone is perfect for storing sausage, cheese, meat and fish. The moist VitaFresh Zone provides the perfect environment for fruit and vegetables and ensures that freshness, flavour and nutritional value are retained for longer.

And with EcoMode, you just press a button to switch to the most economic operating mode. When you activate the EcoMode function, the fridge automatically adjusts to an economical chilling temperature.

Two separate cooling circuits allow independent temperature control and prevents the transference of humidity between the fridge and freezer cavity

Serie 4 KAN92VI35 features easy to clean removable magnetic door seals, optical and acoustical door open warning, 4 safety glass shelves of which 3 are height adjustable, two large and two small Door trays in the fridge door, an egg tray and a dairy compartment.

There are two freezer drawers on telescopic rails (partially extendable) and five door trays in the freezer door, a twist ice dispenser in the freezer, It also has

Serie 4 KAN92VI35 has a total net capacity of 604 litres (fridge : 387 litres)

Dimensions: 175.6 cm H x 91.2 cm W x 73.2 cm D

More Information
Special Feature Telescopic rails
Efficiency Rating A ++
Defrost Frost Free
Keep Fresh Box VitaFresh
Appliance Type Fridge Freezer
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Side by side installation - £45.00

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