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Fisher Paykel RB90S64MKIW2 Cool Drawer

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The Fisher & Paykel RB90S64MKIW2 is a 90cm Cool Drawer, which offers large capacity multi-temperature cooling and can be changed from a fridge to a freezer at the touch of a button. The RB90S64MKIW2 comes with an energy efficiency rating of A+ and fits flush with surrounding cabinets. The total volume measures 123 litres and the RB90S64MKIW2 comes with LED lighting, push button defrost and has full extension runners.

There are three freezing options with the Fisher & Paykel Cool Draw, including bottle chill, fast freeze and deep freeze, in full freezer mode the temperature is set at -18°C.

The fridge mode of the RB90S64MKIW2 Fisher & Paykel Cool Drawer, is ideal for storing a wide variety of foods including vegetables & fruit, dairy items, processed meats as well as beverages. The upper tray is great to store more sensitive such as berries, peaches and cheeses and the tall bin section is perfect for storing small and large drinks bottles.

The Fisher & Paykel Cool Drawer RB90S64MKIW2 also has a pantry mode, which offers the perfect storing environment for keeping food items that require a cool dark place. For example the large bin is good for keeping bread and cereal, while the tray can be used to store bananas and tomatoes.

It is also possible to store wine within the Fisher & Paykel RB90S64MKIW2 Cool Draw by using the wine mode. The wine mode has been designed to preserve wine at its optimum temperature. It can be set at 12°C for long term storage or to 7°C for white wine and 15°C for red wine.

For items that are highly perishable, the RB90S64MKIW2 Cool Drawer has a Chill Mode. This mode is excellent for storing seafood, poultry and other highly perishable meats. These food types require temperatures close to freezing, therefore the chill mode of this Fisher & Paykel RB90S64MKIW2 sets at -0.5°C.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 640 x 855 x 557 mm

Warranty: 2 years, parts and labour

Delivery: Usually within 10 working days

More Information
Food Capacity 123 Litres
Efficiency Rating A +
Display LED
Appliance Type Fridge
Controls Electronic
Integration Built In
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Delivery can usually occur within 10 working days.

The Fisher & Paykel CoolDraw RB90S64MKIW2 comes with a 2 year parts and labour warranty.