How can I order my appliance?

Here at Premier Electrics we like to keep things simple. For online payments just add the product to the basket and follow the simple instructions adding installation and removal if required. If you would prefer not to place your order online please feel free to contact us on 0800 592107 to place you order over the phone. Our phone lines are open from 8am -10pm everyday of the week!

When will I be informed of my delivery date?

As soon as you place the order with us we will send you an order confirmation email straight away. One of our expert booking team will then contact you within 24 hours to arrange a delivery time to suit you. We operate an AM (9-1) or PM (1-5) delivery slot Monday - Friday. We do not deliver on the weekends I'm afraid. Our delivery team will contact you on the day you have chosen to give you a more accurate idea of the time we expect to get to you. Quick, simple and fuss free.

If you do not receive a confirmation email or phone call please contact us on 0800 592107.

What if I can't make my delivery slot?

Not to worry, here at Premier Electrics we can adapt our deliveries to suit your needs. Just call us on 0800 592107 with an alternative date and we will make it happen. No stress or bother, just how we like it.

How does next day delivery work?

At Premier Electrics we understand the importance of having a functioning kitchen. There is nothing worse than a mountain of clothes with no machine to wash them with. To make life easier certain items are available to deliver and install within 24 hours. If you would like to take up this offer at no extra charge please contact us on 0800 592107 to check eligibility. We aim to complete all deliveries within 48 hours subject to availability.

How do I know if my item will fit?

It is very important that when deciding on the item to purchase you take into account the product dimensions. On all our products we endeavour to state the height, width and depth under the product specification. If the dimensions are not stated please contact us on 0800 592107 and we will check it for you. Please note that the product dimensions do not include any features that protrude from the item such as handles and knobs. Please measure up the existing space you have and check the item will fit in. Also please take care when ordering large items. Items such as American style fridge freezers are very large and as such its important that you take into account your front door size and any obstacles that would stop the item being delivered.


Methods of payment

We accept the following payments





There is no addition cost to you when using these methods of payment. We also can take payment by cheque. Simply call us on 0800 592107 to place your order and send payment to our head office address.

Is paying by card safe with Premier Electrics?

Premier Electrics prides itself on its safe handling of its customers details. We use encrypted software to process any payment through sagepay card handling.


We do not share customer details with any other body or organisation.

What if I don't want to pay online?

Not to worry ! Just call us and we can process the payment over the phone. Alternatively send a cheque to our head office and we will sort the rest out for you. Simple.


How do I claim my promotional cash back?

Certain appliances will come with a manufacturer cash back option. Please check the product details when ordering the appliance to check eligibility. Once you have received your purchase simply go online to the manufacturers website and register the appliance. Look for the promotional section on the website and enter your details. Once you have registered the manufacturer will send payment as a BACS or cheque to you directly.


How do we do our deliveries?

At Premier Electrics we do all deliveries ourselves. We do not out source deliveries as we like to make sure all jobs are carried out to our normal exceptional standards. All deliveries are undertaken by a team of two fitters. Because we use two fitters we can deliver to any room of the house on any floor and in the tightest of places.

Where do we deliver to?

Premier Electrics is based in Southampton and as such we can only deliver to certain areas of England. Please check our coverage map on the delivery section of our website to make sure you are within our delivery area. If you are in any doubt please contact us on 0800 592107 for confirmation. If you fall within our coverage area we will deliver free of charge.

Do I have to stay in all day?

Not at Premier Electrics ! We offer either AM (9-1) or PM (1-5) time slots on weekdays to suit you. Our expert fitters will call you when they are half hour away from your property for your extra satisfaction. If you would like a more precise time then please call us on the morning of your delivery and one of our expert call centre staff will be able to give you a more accurate time. Straight forward, just the way we like it.

Will we ever NOT be able to deliver your appliance?

At Premier Electrics we pride ourselves on our speed and quality of service. We do however require you to do some measuring up before we call. Large items such as American style fridge freezers can be bulky so its important you take into account door sizes and any other factor that may hinder the delivery. Steps, low ceilings and awkward corners can impact delivery of larger items so please let us know if you think this could be a problem. If we know about it we can come up with a solution. In the rare circumstance that we cannot deliver to the room of your choice we will deliver it to a suitable alternative.

Can I change my delivery time?

Of course. Simply call us on 0800 592107 to rearrange a time suitable with you. Simple!!

What if I order multiple appliances?

At Premier Electrics we are flexible. If you place an order for multiple appliances and want them delivered over more than one visit then that is not a problem. Just let us know when you place the order. If you want all the appliances delivered in one visit then again not a problem. We try and adapt to suit your needs.

Can we store your appliance?

Again this is not an issue at Premier Electrics. Once you have placed the order with us we can hold your appliance in our warehouse until you need it. We can store your new appliance until you are ready.


What appliances can we connect ?

As our name suggests we can only connect electrics appliances. If your installation requires gas connection them I'm afraid we cannot help.

All our delivery/ install teams are experts in connecting both freestanding and integrated appliances. All teams are trained to the highest standard to make sure we keep to the highest industry standards.

We offer a connection service for both freestanding and integrated appliances. So if you need, for example,  a new freestanding washing machine or a semi integrated dishwasher installed we can deliver and install all on the same visit. Hassle free, just how we like it.

We can connect the following freestanding and integrated appliances.

- Washing machines - Electrics cookers - Tumble dryers

- Dishwasher - Fridge freezers - Fridges

- Freezers - Coffee machines - Steam ovens

- American style fridge freezers - Stand alone irons - Electric hobs

The cost for connection is as follows

- Freestanding installation     = £25

- Integrated installation          = £75

- American Fridge Freezers    = £25

Please note we may be unable to connect an appliance if :

1) Any plumbing or electrical supply is unsafe or fails

2) Any water connection cannot be isolated or switched off

3) The housing the item needs to be placed in needs to be adapted or changed

4) Any gas work is needed to complete the install

What appliances can we disconnect?

We can disconnect all ELECTRIC appliances within the kitchen. Please make sure the appliance is free from obstruction so our fitters can get to work and remove it for you quick and easily.

How long does an install take?

A freestanding installation will normally take between 30 minutes to 1 hour. An integrated installation will normally take between 1 hour and 2 hours. Rest assured our fitters wont leave your property until you are completely satisfied with the job we have done.

What if the appliance cannot be connected?

It is very rare that we cannot complete the connection of an appliance. If a problem occurs when we are installing a machine our expert fitters normally are able to overcome the issue and rectify the problem. Sometimes it may be necessary to make a return visit to complete the installation. Unlike other companies we go that extra mile to get the job done. In the unlikely event that we cannot complete the installation of your appliance please call our office on 0800 592107 to organise an alternative model or full refund.

Do we connect gas appliances?

No, no and again no. Our installers are not gas certified and as such we are unable to install any gas appliance. We stick to what we do best ! As the name suggests Premier Electrics only connect electric.


What is the difference between integrated and freestanding appliances?

Designed to bring uniformity to your fitted kitchen, built-in (or integrated) washing machines, washer dryers and dishwashers offer a sleek and unobtrusive look.
An integrated appliance is fully or partially concealed behind a door panel and within a carcass; a built-in appliance can be seen, though it has unfinished sides and would topple over if left freestanding.
Features are usually the same as any freestanding equivalent, but built-in units aren't just freestanding machines with a door on the front! These machines are wholly or partially housed into a cavity, behind a matching kitchen door.
Models tend to be slimmer and shorter than conventional machines, and they also tend to be more expensive as fewer are made.
When buying a built-in appliance you still need to think about what features you want. You also need to consider where and how they’ll be positioned, and how they’ll be fitted.
Freestanding appliances stand free of any kitchen unit, and can be positioned anywhere practicable

What is a semi integrated appliance?

Semi Integrated appliances, often referred to as “drawer line appliances”, are intended to sit between your current kitchen units and beneath your worktop. Having a control panel at the top of the appliance door means that semi integrated appliances only require a partial cupboard door fitting to the front of them.

What is the difference between vented and condenser tumble dryers?

Condenser dryers collect moisture from wet clothes in a water reservoir, which you must empty when it is full. Vented dryers simply expel the moist air from the room through a hose. Condenser dryers are usually seen as more convenient as you don't have to place them near a wall vent or hang a hose out of a window.

What is a heat pump tumble dryer?

Some electric condenser tumble dryers now come with heat pumps - a relatively new technology that dramatically reduces how much it costs to run compared to a standard condenser dryer.
The job of the heat pump is to reheat the air that's circulating within the dryer.
After hot air has passed through the drum, absorbing moisture from your clothes, it passes through filters where the air is partly cooled and moisture is removed from the air, as condensation. The water collected will be deposited into a water tank, as with a normal condenser tumble dryers. Meanwhile the warm air is re-heated and circulated back to the drum. The reuse of hot air means energy is kept within the machine instead of being allowed to escape.

What is the difference between ceramic and induction hobs?

Ceramic hobs work thanks to heating elements underneath the glass surface which warm up and transfer heat to the selected cooking zone/hob ring Induction hobs, on the other hand, use circular coils which generate a magnetic field that induces heat onto a pan made from ferrous material only when it is physically placed onto the hob itself. These hobs are more efficient and extra safe. Both types of hob are known for being extremely easy to clean. Only certain pans can be used on an induction hob.

What is pyrolytic cleaning within ovens?

Pyrolytic cleaning uses high temperatures of 500 degrees centigrade or more combined with the absence of oxygen to burn off the accumulated grease and spills from baking and roasting food in your oven, reducing it to a pile of ash that can be wiped up with a moist cloth.
All pyrolitic self cleaning ovens are designed with a lock that prevents you from opening the door while it is in cleaning mode. For children's safety and your own, the oven door will automatically lock at a certain temperature. Or, depending on the model, some may have a manual lock to stop it from being opened until the oven has cooled down.
An added benefit of self-cleaning ovens is that the insulation required for the high temperature cleaning process also makes them more energy efficient for your daily baking. The energy cost for a couple of hours on high heat is still far less than a can of standard oven cleaner.

What is a combi-microwave and how does it work?

Combination microwave offers more cooking flexibility than a standard solo microwave model. This is because combination microwaves – as the name suggests – combine microwave energy, a grill and convection heating (fanned hot air) so they can heat, roast, crisp and brown in the same way as a large conventional oven.

How does a steam oven work?

Steam ovens work by heating with moisture either by a container you fill with water manually or by a direct plumbing connection depending on the model.
It is the healthiest way to cook. Moisture will maintain the food nutrients instead of baking them out. The food will also have a lower fat content because you’re not using any oil to keep the food moist when baking.
Steam ovens offers tremendous flexibility; they’re great to proof or even bake bread or pastry. They also work wonders for steaming leftovers, allowing the reheated food to retain more nutrients, moisture and better texture. With that, the end result from reheating in a steam oven is far superior to that of a microwave.
Steam alone, however, does not have capability to brown meat. However, you can still cook in the steam oven with a convection combination.

What is the benefit of frost free cooling?

Frost free refrigerators, as the name implies, do not require any kind of manual defrosting. A small element is placed inside the unit that actually melts accumulating ice. This is done without interfering with the natural cooling cycle that is required to continuously refrigerate food.
Frost free models are better at maintaining consistent temperatures, and keeping food items fresh for a longer period of time.

What is the benefit of a double oven rather than a single oven?

Single ovens only have one oven to bake, roast and grill in, but there’s usually enough space to cook most things. Single ovens are around 60cm tall and can fit pretty much anywhere in your kitchen – whether it’s under a counter or in an eye-level cabinet.
Only having one oven to cook with will be a limitation for some, particularly if you’re looking to bake and grill at the same time, or if you’ve got a lot of cooking to do.
Double ovens offer more cooking options than a single and there are two types: double built-in and the smaller double built-under. The main difference is how tall they are, so choose the right type for your kitchen based on the space you have available.

What is the new TwinDos system on Miele appliances and how does it work?

The TwinDos system is designed to make the most of the detergent and stain remover placed into the machine. The pre loaded containers dispense the detergent and stain remover when the washing machine needs them, rather than it being in the wash cycle constantly. The Twin Dos system lasts up to 3 months depending on use, you can of course use your own detergent and softener using the empty containers supplied on delivery.
Simply load the containers into the bottom right hand side of this machine and get on with your washing! The machine will let you know when it’s running low on detergent.

What is the benefit of having a cutlery draw rather than a cutlery basket?

The cutlery tray, a Miele innovation, offers many advantages: Each piece ofcutlery is cradled separately to preventscratches. Cutlery is cleaned thoroughlyand dried to perfection Moreover, unloading is convenient and hygienic.